McKinnon Prize 2023 Shortlisting Committee

Shayne Mallard

Shayne Mallard was recently appointed to the new role of Director City Futures at Liverpool City Council and comes to the role with decades of connection to Liverpool through local family and having grown up in neighbouring Penrith.

Previously employed at Liverpool as a senior advisor to the Mayor and later to the CEO, Shayne’s return to Liverpool comes after an eight-year career in the NSW Parliament and twelve years on the City of Sydney Council. This builds upon a career in government affairs, corporate marketing, and media communications.

Today, Shayne stands at the forefront of Liverpool’s transformation as the Director of City Futures. He’s a pivotal member of the team shaping Liverpool’s future as a major regional city. Shayne’s vision extends to crafting a comprehensive plan shaping Liverpool’s future called Liverpool2050, one that sets the course for the decades ahead.