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It’s hard to be a good leader with voters like us: Amanda Vanstone

McKinnon Prize Ambassador Amanda Vanstone argues that COVID-19 has forced us to think more about what we really want from our leaders.

Australians want results, not political blame-shifting: Simon Crean

McKinnon Prize Ambassador Simon Crean argues that national cabinet is the right idea, but State and Federal leaders still need to collaborate better on the issues that matter.

Federation fault lines exposed by pandemic crisis

New research shows nearly two-thirds (64 per cent) of Australians believe Federal and State Governments have not collaborated well during the pandemic, exposing fault lines in the century-old Federation.

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt wins 2020 McKinnon Prize in Political Leadership

Health Minister, The Hon. Greg Hunt MP has been awarded the McKinnon Prize in Political Leadership for his courageous and collaborative approach to spearheading Australia’s strong health response to the COVID-19 pandemic during 2020.

Despite strong gains in 2020 Australians remain disengaged with politics

A new survey has found that despite the extreme disruptions of 2020 that have brought the consequences of our political leaders’ decisions directly into the lives of every Australian, we continue to be broadly disengaged in politics as a nation.

Amanda Vanstone AO and The Hon Simon Crean appointed as the 2020 ambassadors for The McKinnon Prize in Political Leadership

The McKinnon Prize is pleased to announce the appointment of Amanda Vanstone AO and The Hon Simon Crean as ambassadors for the 2020 McKinnon Prize.

The McKinnon Prize in Political Leadership is a collaboration between the Susan McKinnon Foundation and the University of Melbourne.

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